Information Systems

The information system currently in use at UPI consists of several integrated information systems and is coordinated by the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (Dit. TIK). Some information systems that are directly related to study programs, especially lecturers and students, are presented as follows:

  1. – University website
  2. – Lecturer value input system
  3. – Online Value Information System
  4. – Personnel Information System
  5. – Research and Community Service
  6. – Directory of course files

To utilize the various information system services, each lecturer and student has a certain password and access code that is managed and provided by the Dit. ICT.

The conditions that can be explained are related to the utilization of information systems at UPI at this time, that seeking information for the purpose of researching reference sources and completing lecture assignments, students can access information in various places in the UPI region. This means that the Wi-Fi facilities provided by UPI have helped students complete their assignments so that the learning process undertaken by students is more efficient and effective.

Likewise, what happens with lecturers, in developing lectures, lecturers have utilized many information system facilities and infrastructure that have been provided. Lecturers can search for information sources to develop lecture content, lecture processes, and communication assignments. The e-mail facility has become a common thing used as a means of communication between lecturers and students. In addition, some lecturers have used LMS (Learning Management System) facilities to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of lectures