Lecture Facilities

Availability and Quality of Buildings, Lecture Halls, Laboratories, Libraries, etc.

The implementation of lecture activities at the Perpusinfo Study Program was held in several lecture rooms spread across three buildings within the UPI Faculty of Education and Central Library. Face-to-face lecture activities are held in lecture halls that are provided specifically for Perpusinfo Study Program students. Lecture activities that are in practice are conducted at the UPI Central Library. In particular, the UPI Central Library is also a laboratory and functions as a teaching library for lecturers and students of Perpusinfo Study Program.

Computer Facilities and Supporting Learning and Research

Computer facilities available to support research and learning activities generally use public facilities provided by the Directorate of ICT, in laboratories owned by the Kurtekpend Department, and in the UPI Central Library. Regarding internet access, lecturers and students can access information with the help of wi-fi connections provided in all UPI areas. Likewise lecturers and students of Perpusinfo Study Program can access the internet directly and for free in lecture rooms in the FIP UPI building.

For learning and research activities, the UPI Central Library is also a favorite place to find various sources of information, both for students and lecturers of the Perpusinfo Study Program.

Suitability and Adequacy of Infrastructure

Facilities and infrastructure, especially those related to lecture activities, are appropriate and quite representative. Each lecture hall is equipped with chairs for students, tables and chairs for lecturers, and stages for LCDs.

The management and maintenance of buildings and lecture halls in the UPI FIP is indeed the responsibility of the faculty, but specifically each study program already has a relatively fixed lecture hall. Lecture of Perpusinfo Study Program was conducted in Rooms 31.3.10 and 3.3.11 in the Old FIP Building and Spaces 35.3.03 and 35.3.05 in the Ex-Postgraduate FIP Building. In accordance with the rules set by the university, lecture rooms can be used from 7.00 to 17.45.