Implementation and Dissemination

In accordance with the basic tasks of the Tri Dharma College, research activities and P2M will be the agenda for lecturers from year to year. Therefore these two activities will be the main activities that will be included in the Perpusinfo Study Program RKAT and are expected to increase along with the development of this study program in the future.

In addition to sustainability, the dissemination of research activities and P2M is also a concern of study program managers and lecturers of Perpusinfo Study Program. Dissemination of research activities is carried out by making the results of the study as lecture material in related subjects, compiling seminars presented, articles sent to scientific journals, and or as material for developing P2M activities to a user audience. Whereas the dissemination of P2M activities is carried out by extending the reach of the target users and the development of the model and P2M activity material based on user needs.

One form of effort to disseminate the results of scientific research and studies conducted by the lecturers of the Perpusinfo Study Program is the publication of the Journal of Perpusinfo Study Program labeled EduLib (Education Library). . The journal is expected to become a venue for dissemination of various results of research activities and lecturer P2M, both from the internal elements of the Study Program Perpoinfo and external elements of the Perpusinfo Study Program.

Cooperation and partnership relations with domestic and foreign institutions

The cooperation and partnership relations conducted by Perpusinfo Study Program with other institutions began to be initiated, especially institutions within the university itself through internal training activities and skills training for students.

Whereas cooperation and partnerships carried out with institutions outside the university are carried out through P2M and Professional Training Program (PLP) activities. Lecturer P2M activities are carried out in the form of Competency Test and Training Program services, while student P2M activities are carried out in the form of village library and school / madrasah development services.

The PLP activities at the Perpusinfo Study Program were only conducted in 2013 along with the student lectures which had reached the 8th semester. PLP activities are carried out by various schools / madrasas and educational institutions that have libraries. As far as the observations made, the institution’s acceptance to students who were doing PLP was positive (good).

The cooperation and partnership relations conducted by the Perpusinfo Study Program with institutions that have been abroad have not yet been established in a formal form. However, an assessment of this direction has begun with comparative studies conducted in various libraries in Singapore (NUS College Library / National University of Singapore and Woodland Public Library) and in Malaysia (State Library, University of Malaya Library) in 2012.

In addition, cooperation has also been carried out in the form of training, namely: training for library heads held in Tasikmalaya District in September 2012 and in Belitung Regency in March 2013.

Research Results Publications, Innovative Work, and Thesis Summary

All research results of lecturers in study programs are published in educational journals, both within the UPI and outside the UPI. The student thesis summary will be prepared as a journal article to be published by the Perpusinfo Study Program. Articles that are published are articles that meet the writing criteria and are considered appropriate for publication.