Student Thesis Writing

In general, thesis coaching activities are carried out in accordance with the procedures for writing scientific papers that have been set by the university, from submitting proposals, determining thesis supervisors, and guiding processes. However, there are a number of rules set by the study program with the aim of optimizing the improvement of the quality of the preparation of the thesis, namely by assigning three Thesis Boards who are reviewers and evaluators of the feasibility of the proposals submitted by students.

Thesis proposals submitted by students and their eligibility by the Thesis Board have been approved, will be processed further so that the students get a thesis writing supervisor. Thesis supervisor consists of two people, Advisor I and Advisor II. Advisor I is a permanent lecturer at the Perpusinfo Study Program in accordance with his scientific background and authority, while the second supervisor can come from a group of non-permanent lecturers or from the permanent lecturers in other study programs that are seconded to the Perpusinfo Study Program.

In detail the procedure for preparing a thesis by students of the Perpusinfo Study Program can be described as follows:

Through the procedure of drafting and drafting a guiding process designed like this, it is expected that the thesis produced by students will be of good quality.